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2 Max Heat Storage


The seasonal heat storage unit developed by EBITSCHenergietechnik is the innovative solution domestic hot water and heating supply in households.

2 max

Optimal insulation patented function principle make it possible: We heat 100% with solar energy. The storage unit collects the energy gathered by the solar collectors over the course of the year. The energy collected is enough for the daily hot water use as well as for the heating period.

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Heating and warm water by 100 percent solar energy

The 2 max is a "good old acquaintance" and a multiple decorated product. Still under the label seasonal storage SE30 it were decorated in 2011 with the „Bavarian state prize for innovation“, the „Upperfrankonian prize for innovation“ and the „Inventors award of the bavarian craft“ for the conception solarACTIVEhouse.

2Max Wärmespeicher

In 2012 EBITSCHenergietechnik has got a prize at the competition „365 locations, Germany – Land of idea“ in the categorie „invironment“.

Already in 1992 EBITSCHenergietechnik created and built in a lying storage. In 2007 the development of 2max began; two years later a prototype were build in a model home.

Now EBITSCHenergietechnik is reorganising the manufactoring to industrial production, so that is guaranteed a consistently high quality of the 2max storage. Our heat storage is manufactured in a worldwide unique prozedure.


Space saving solution and multifunctional

What is so exceptional on the 2max ? It stores the heat of the summer and gives it back in the cold time of the year. Thanks to horizontal construction of the heat storage you will find an ideal place for build-in, whether inside or outside of the living space, underground or above ground, free standing or in a barn, there are no restrictions. All technical elements and piping are integrated into the unit, which eliminates the need for a separate boiler room. „The 2max is a plug&play-system. All the technic is included, the complete system will delivered to the customer and than mounted and connected with the household piping“, describes Horst Ebitsch.

The effective bicameral layered storage of the 2max provides not only the heating but also hot water, for instance for the shower. It has been realised by a fresh water station, so it provides everytime hygienic clean water. The 2max is not only a storage with two chambers but a complete solar heating system. It can also be combined with a furnace.

As material EBITSCHenergietechnik choosed glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP). The thermal conductivity is about 80% lower than from steel. So the thermal losses are much lower and it allows a perfect temperature layering. Moreover there is no danger of rust corrosion. The weight accounts for 12 percent of an steel tank, and so the costs for transport and mounting are much lower.


Network-compatible management makes worldwide monitoring

The control system‘s ability to be connected to the internet makes worldwide monitoring, diagnosis, maintenance, and adjustment exactly for this building and it's energy sources possible. There is no need to come into the building for adjustments. More technical highlights are the especially developed 7-way-multifunction valves and the utilization of only one pump.

EBITSCHenergietechnik attaches great important to the diverse application possiblities of the 2max. It is not only suitable for new buildings but also for existing buildings, perhaps in the backyard (underground installation) or in a outbuilding or a barn einem Nebengebäude (overground installation).

Mitglied im Sonnenhaus Institut e.V.

That the concept is well done shows EBITSCHenergietechnik in the model house solarACTIVEhouse in Breitengüßbach, only a few kilometera away from Zapfendorf and Bamberg. Since 2009 it is open for invitation. Also some more houses were equipped with our 2max.

The solarACTIVEhouse of the company Ebitsch uses the sun’s energy 365 days a year. We are a member of the Verein Sonnenhaus Institut e.V. with our 100% solar heated residential house.



The advantages of the 2 Max at a glance:

pfeilSpace saving solution

Until now, storage units were installed vertically inside the house. The 2 Max has a horizontal construction making a larger storage volume possible inside as well as outside without too many architectural sacrifices.


pfeilDelivery as a complete, operational ready system

The unit is delivered completely insulated with all piping. All necessary operational components are inside the unit. After hookup of the three pairs of pipes with the household piping, the unit is ready for operation.

pfeilAdvantages of GFK in comparison to conventional steel

GFK (glass fortified plastic) has a heat conductive factor 80 times less than steel. This leads to substantially less heat loss due heat conduction through the walls or the pipes. There is absolutely no danger of rust whereby a pressure free operation is possible. This raises security.

For the same reason, the integration of the internal expander tank is no problem. This simplifies installation thereby making it more economical. The weight ( one seventh) is substantially less than the conventional construction with steel making the handling of the unit much more manageable, reducing transport and installation costs.

pfeilRectangular form for more volume

The storage innovation is not circular but rectangular. So it has more volume by the same dimensions and is ideal for mounting into the ground or as a part of the basement. All technical elements and pipes are integrated into the storage. That's why there are no thermal bridges. The storage is insulated ex factory and so bewared of thermical losses. The rectangular form allows the transport of bigger tanks (to 50m3) on a normal truck without special permission .

pfeilIntegrated insulation ex factory

Our Materials for insulation have best insulation values. Because of the integration of the pipework into the storage there are no thermal bridges. Both of these factors bring very low thermal losses, under an half degree Celsius per day. Moreover the integrated insulation saves costs and time.

pfeilIncluding the pipework

Concerning the relocation of the pipework from outer to inner storage (into the insulation) there are no direct breakthroughs and so the thermal losses are noticeably reduced. Moreover the number of connection pipes could be reduzed to only three pairs of pipes.

pfeilNo additional engineering room is necessary

Before leaving the insulated area the heating water and the fresh water will brought to the right temperature still inside the storage. Because of the integration of several systems (expansion vessel, heat and fresh water conditioning, control system) no additional engineering room is necessary. So we can save time and costs.

pfeilEnergy-efficient facility climate conntrol in summer and winter

The thermical separation of the particular areas allows to use the chambers as heat storage and cool storage. So the same storage can be used in summer for warm shower and likewise for cooling the building. This is possible in combination with low temperature circuits (underfloor heating or better wall heating and overhead heating).

pfeilHigh rate of integration

Because of the very high rate of integration and the local proximity of the most components (heat exchanger, mixer, pump, valves) the total length of the inner pipes is noticeable reduced. Therefore no stronger pumps are needed. By reducing the number of connection pipes to maximal 3 pairs (solar, fresh water, heating) the source of error by connecting with the household pipework is minimal.

pfeilSystem modular expandable

Larger capacities of the storage you can get by connecting of several storages. Our system is modular extendable. So we can realize each required storage capacity.

pfeilNo more heating costs

By perfect conception there is no need for more thermal sources than the solar thermic. In oursolarACTIVEhouse you can inspect the interaction between storage and sun collectors.

pfeilMaintenance and diagnosis from allover the world

The year-round heat storage is working maintenance-free.

The control system‘s ability to be connected to the internet makes worldwide monitoring, diagnosis, maintenance and adjustment exactly for this building and it's energy sources possible. There is no need to come into the building for adjustments.

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Laureate on "Germany - land of ideas" 2012

Bavarian state award for innovation 2011

Inventors award of the upper franconian craft 2011

Upper franconian award for innovation 2011