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Independence from rising electricity prices

Many consumers are interested in solar storage systems because they want greater independence from rising electricity prices. The more solar power is used on site, the less expensive electricity they have to buy from power supply utilities. Solar power stores help to keep electricity bills low on a long-term basis and offer the most security for the future.

Power even when the power fails

Even in the event of minor or major power failures lights stay on in households with solar storage. The storage system automatically switches over to the emergency power supply so that devices in the home can get by without power from the public grid for up to a day. Only devices that draw a lot of current, such as ovens and hobs, cannot be run on solar power.

The storage system "shows initiative"

An intelligent on-site power consumption system creates independence: You generate green power and use the majority of this on site. All you need is a clever storage system: The power generated during the day is stored and is available in the evening when more power is needed. This means that your on-site power consumption is greatly increased. Powerful and reliable technology working for you. If the storage system is fully charged, any surplus power generated by the photovoltaic system can still be exported. That is true independence.

Use solar power on site where it's needed

Using solar power yourself is economically and ecologically sound since the path from generator to consumer is as short as possible. This releases pressure on the power grids and contributes to reducing peak demand in the morning and evening. At the same time feed-in peaks at lunchtime can also be capped.

Retrofitting is an easy to realise option

Existing systems can easily be retrofitted and extended to include a power store.

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