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Power has never been as expensive as it is today

Power is becoming increasingly expensive, as we all know to our cost. In the past ten years alone, the price for private households has risen by about 30 percent. It is also highly likely that this upward trend will continue. By comparison, your own photovoltaic system supplies solar power at unvarying costs for 20 years and more [Germany]. Freeze your running costs and ensure that your electricity bill holds no more nasty surprises!

Prices are expected to continue to rise

Using power generated on your own roof is a good alternative to having to buy power from the power utilities, since the feed-in remuneration for photovoltaic systems has now fallen to less than €0.20/kWh, and continues to fall [Germany]. At the same time, electricity from the socket in some regions is already more than €0.25. The greater the price gap, the more attractive on-site power consumption becomes.

The solution: Storage technology now enables you to use solar power at any time.

A solar power store enables you to use up to 80 % of your solar power yourself – even when the sun is not shining – thereby saving you several hundred euros in electricity bills a year. Calculated over the service life of a solar PV system, several thousand euros can be saved.

Our pioneering systems store excess solar power and release it when there is a demand in the home. This means that households can significantly increase their on-site consumption and therefore gain greater independence from rising electricity prices.

Even existing photovoltaic systems can be easily retrofitted with a storage system. Installing your own power store offers many more benefits.

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